Center For Development Service
  • 06764-229366, 0674-2370219



Name Of Organization:

Centre for Development Service (CDS)

Establishment Year:


Contact Person

Mr. Mahendra Kumar Tripathy (Executive Director)
Mobile No: 9937683561

Head Office Address:

  • Plot No. 3652/12, Prachi Vihar, Palasuni,
  • Po.-GGP, Bhubaneswar -25, Odisha
  • Email:
  • Website:

Registered Office:

  • At / P.O.: Banarpal (Near PHC)
  • District: Angul
  • PIN: 759128, Odisha
  • Phone No:- 06764-229366
  • Mobile No:- 9937683561

Legal Status

  •    CDS is registered under the Indian Societies Registration Act, 1860 (Act of XXI) in the year 1998-99 with registration No. ANL 1604/75 at the district level & later registered at the state level in the year 2003-04 with valid registration No. 21586/21
  •    The organization is registered under the foreign contribution (Regulation) Act, 1976 in the year 2003 with valid registration no. 104830124 & renewed for 5 years (2016 – 2021) under FCRA 2010 by Ministry of Home Affairs , Govt. of India
  •    Registered u/s 12AA of income Tax 1961 bearing No. 117/2002-2003
  •    Registered u/s 80G of income Tax Act 1962 bearing No. 235 of 2009-10/ 2010-11
  •    The organization has got permanent Account No. AAAAC1945R
  •    Govt. of India NITI AYOG Unique ID: OR/2009/0005213
  •    Unique Guide Star No. – GSN7223

Key Objective

To translate our goal into reality certain objectives has been set up by CDS and maximum efforts have been taken to bring out objectives into reality. The main objectives of the organization are to give education to the children below fourteen years, provide assistance to the weaker sections of the society living in the rural areas, to carry out activities in the field of socio-economic, education, water, sanitation, heath, agriculture, environment, disaster mitigation & work for capacity building of community to reduce the risk of disaster and also work on governance, transparency & accountability.

Management Structure

Turn Over (Last 7 Years)

Income (in Rs.)
Expenditure (in Rs.)
2017-18 2475189.36 2475189.36
2016-17 2265637.00 2265637.00
2015-16 3486660.00 3486660.00
2014-15 3869063.00 3869063.00
2013-14 2014751.00 2014751.00
2012-13 2121618.00 2121618.00
2011-12 2401460.60 2401460.60

List of Current Governing Body members

Sl. No.
Contact No.
01 Mr. Gourhari Nath Chairman At- Near Ranigoda Pump House Po /Dist – Angul, Odisha (M) 9861065503 M. Sc. (Ag) (Rtd. D.A.O.)
02 Er. Mahendra Kumar Tripathy Executive Director At – Jagannath Nagar Post –Banarpal Dist – Angul, Odisha (M) 9937683561 B. Sc. , AMIE (I)- Civil Engg
03 Ms. Kanchan Baral Board Member At- Jagannath Nagar Po- Banarpal Dist – Angul, Odisha (M) 9237038169 M.A., M.Phil, PGDCA
04 Mr. Sisir Kumar Pal Board Member At / Post –Purunagarh Dist –Angul, Odisha (M) 9178322951 B.A., B.Ed.
05 Mrs. Manjumalini Rath Board Member At / Post –Fulpada, Via- Hindol Dist – Angul, Odisha (M) 7894932808 B.A.
06 Mrs. Debaki Sahoo Board Member Plot No. 3652/12 Prachi vihar, Palasuni, P.O.-GGP, BBSR- 25, Odisha (M) 8984916744 B.A., S.T.T., Ratna (Hindi)
07 Mr. Sunil Kumar Ray Board Member Plot No.603, Brahmeswar Colony, P.O.-GGP, BBSR-25, Odisha (M) 9437112827 B.Com.
08 Ms. Jharana Pany Board Member BL-64, VSS Nagar, BBSR-7 (M) 9338255299 M.Sc., B.Ed.
09 Ms. Anupama Dash Board Member At- Rajsahi, Po/Dist – Angul, Odisha (M) 9437004040 M.A.
10 Mrs. Mamita Naik Board Member At/Po- Banarpal Dist – Angul, Odisha (M) 9776921975 B.A.
11 Mr. Susant Kumar Tripathy Permanent Invitee Board Member At/Po- Fulpada Via- Hindol Dist- Angul, Odisha (M) 9437382135 Natinal Youth Awardee

Mission Statement

To work for the empowerment of the people, especially the poor and marginalized so that they can undertake the development agenda on their own.

Vision Statement

CDS environs a society which is based on an egalitarian principle in which the poorest of the poor is also assured the right to survival and a society in which all the people have access to equal opportunity without discrimination on grounds of caste, class, race, religion or region.

Directors Message

The state of Odisha is known for its poverty and impoverishment where about half of its population lives under the poverty line and in a state of impoverishment.