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Support Us

Support Us

The initiative by the organization goes directly to strengthening livelihoods of poor and marginalized groups. Some of our interventions have helped in creating tangible community assets and meeting the basic needs of community like health, education, drinking water and sanitation. Our approach of involving the community in their sustenance has also helped the community to bring lasting changes at the grassroots level. Besides these, our effort in bringing governance changes at the grassroots institutions and systems by involving communities have initiated some good processes. Your support could further strengthen our efforts to move forward with a strong resolve.

Some of the major accomplishments of our work are given below:

  •    Conducted no. of awareness programmes, capacity building meetings, trainings, seminars and workshops on various issues
  •    Developed, published & distributed various IEC materials like booklets, leaflets, posters etc
  •    Taken up Extensive capacity building initiatives for poverty alleviation, local governance, transparency & accountability
  •    Facilitated innovative social accountability tools like public hearing, social audit, community score card and citizen report card on various entitlement programmes
  •    Running a child education centre since last 12 years 
  •    Constructed 1st Floor Extension work of a ST village community center 
  •    Constructed a new community centre for another ST village 
  •    Constructed 318 IHL for BPL people 
  •    Constructed 7 (seven)Toilet Blocks for school children 
  •    Installed a Deep Tube Well in a ST hamlet village
  •    Constructed a multipurpose open well for a ST hamlet village
  •    Constructed 520 Rft village drain for safe disposal of surface rainwater
  •    Constructed 34 Bio-compost pits for poor ST people
  •    Installed an irrigation system for a ST village with 2 nos. of 10 HP pump sets 
  •    Installed 2(two) bore-wells for agricultural activities of a ST village
  •    Executed 4000 teak wood plantation through 35 no. ST beneficiary families 
  •    Provided she goats to 89 ST families of 3 villages for income generation
  •    Provided 15 no. of By-cycles for leaf business (leaf tray) to poor and affected house burnt ST families 
  •    Provided 316 mosquito nets to poor ST/ SC families for protection from malaria
  •    Provided financial assistance to 3 women SHGs for IGP activities 
  •    Executed 2930 nos. tree plantation work under CSR activity
  •    Initiated People’s Lab for environ management in critically polluted area
  •    Improved water situation for rural community by raising 12 Tube-well Platforms & 1 open well in flood prone zone
  •    Done improvement works for two High schools including water & sanitation situation in flood prone zone
  •    Provided nutritional support along with dry foods, health checkup camps, supply of seeds and plants after flood situation to the community of 5 villages
  •    Developed village link roads after flood situation in 7 villages
  •    Provided search & rescue kits along with first aid boxes to 9 disaster affected villages and a Boat to one vulnerable village
  •    Executed wall paintings on Malaria Eradication, IHL Execution & Healthy Sanitation
  •    Supported 100 women farmers for taking up agro-horticulture activities
  •    Provided Tailoring training to 100 rural unemployed girls 
  •    Educated on menstrual hygiene management to women & adolescent girls of one Gram Panchayat
  •    Providing human resources to the District Water & Sanitation Mission for successful implementation of Swachha Bharat Mission (SBM) in one district

How you can support

  •    People can support by giving donations. Click Here to see donation details.
  •    By giving grants support and referring the work of the organization to larger networks and groups.

Mission Statement

To work for the empowerment of the people, especially the poor and marginalized so that they can undertake the development agenda on their own.

Vision Statement

CDS environs a society which is based on an egalitarian principle in which the poorest of the poor is also assured the right to survival and a society in which all the people have access to equal opportunity without discrimination on grounds of caste, class, race, religion or region.

Directors Message

The state of Odisha is known for its poverty and impoverishment where about half of its population lives under the poverty line and in a state of impoverishment.